— or as Mrs. Doubtfire would say, "HELLOOOOOOOO!"


"You realize that the only way you're going to get where you need to be is to be courageous. Everything is here to help you."
-Matt Kahn

 Happiness takes courage...

Courage to think beyond the little bubbles our lives are blown into.
Courage to explore our sadness, our anger, our dead ends.

To reflect on memories we try so hard to forget.

To ask why we make the same mistakes over. And over. And over again...
In our relationships. Our careers. Our health.

To leap into darkness and navigate through the shadows of uncertainty.
To leave the shelter of being a victim.

To finish the unfinished.
To forgive without apology.

To make the choice to hurt now because it'll hurt more later.

Courage to question both others and ourselves when something doesn't feel right.

The only way to create genuine happiness is to understand that it takes courage to make it happen.

May this space serve as a compass to help you navigate your journey.


Mindset is everything. It determines failure and success.

You can change your mindset regardless of who told you what to do or believe. Or anything that deviated your eyes from seeing the beauty of your gifts — that distracted you from being the real you.

You just have to muster the courage to open your eyes.

Have faith that you can transform your life.

No matter how much scar tissue you have.

I wouldn't have the confidence to speak if I hadn't experienced it myself.

Who's Jonnie?
(snack size version)

From diapers, I was confined to a religion that told me how to live, what to think, who to be, and what to believe.

I spent most of my youth meeting it's demands for my time, energy, and focus. But my mind — by far —was the most precious gift I handed over.

I always fell short of their standards of perfection. And sought constant validation that I could never seem to find.

Inadequacies. Suppressing my true inner desires and aspirations. Stripped of the opportunities to make my own decisions and learn from my mistakes...

Put me in a world of hurt.

When I left the church for good in my early 20’s, I was completely disconnected from my true self.

I had no concept of what loving myself meant.
I never had the courage to speak up for myself out of fear.

Clueless as to what I was truly capable of accomplishing.

So many elements crucial to normal and healthy personal development were missing.

Even though I had left, I lived my life with the same "missdeveloped" mindset (see what I did there?) and made the same mistakes over. And over. And over again.

Tolerating years of sexual harassment and verbal abuse from employers and coworkers. Putting my health at risk. Settling for abusive relationships.

I was so out of touch with what I truly wanted. What made me happy. I was clueless and directionless.

So I took shots in the dark.

Until a friend gave me a copy of a Tony Robbins DVD.
And it changed my life forever.


Through my personal development journey, I  became aware of my limiting beliefs, patterns and past programming. I figured out what I had missed.

I discovered my authentic self. And became intolerant of what didn’t love me back.

I gained confidence in my decisions and learned how to trust myself.

I grew courageous and loosened myself from the grip that fear had on me.

Excuses mean nothing to the part of you that's starved for genuine happiness.

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