5 Life-Changing Inspirational Podcast Quotes

5 Life-Changing Inspirational Podcast Quotes


Many moons ago, I looked at podcast listeners with judgy eyes.

I imagined them as Stuart Smalley look-alikes repeating self-affirmations.

Stuart Smalley the affirmation king.
Stuart Smalley rocked the affirmations. [Courtesy of NBC.com]

Now, I’m a PPA (proud podcast advocate).

Over the last 2 years, I’ve become ultra-focused on my personal development. Absorbing knowledge in any fashion I can through books, blogs, and videos. But podcasts have been the main staple of my journey.

Put on your thinking caps and listening ears. Here are 5 quotes from podcasts that inspired me to change for the better.

1. “We seem to judge people by their worst moments” – Robbie Vorhaus

Podcast: The One You Feed
Episode #126 – “Robbie Vorhaus”

Do you ever find yourself taking mental clips of someone’s unflattering moments and pasting them together? Worst. Highlight reel. Ever. I call it “Judgement Collaging”.

Sure, we’re all guilty of it. But since you’re reading a post about positive inspiration, we’ll change lenses.

The key to dissolving judgment is a cocktail of awareness and empathy.

Whenever I become aware of my judgmental tendencies (to sharpen awareness, meditate), I think about moments when I could have used some spectator mercy — like public fights I’ve had with significant others.

Anyone up for being labeled during a particularly emotionally charged moment in their life? No bueno.

Next time you’re brewing some toxic judgment, counteract it by recalling a time you could’ve used compassion. Also, give yourself props for recognizing the thought while you were having it. High five!

If someone is a repeat offender — like truly wretched to be around — they’re obviously going through some shit. Level up your compassion and have a little Dr. Phil sesh with them. No need to psychoanalyze, just offer a listening ear.

Not only are you clearing the way for resolution but you’re bringing the issue to their attention (nudge). You rockstar, you.

We don’t need more judgers. We need more understanders. Allow more of the good stuff about people to rise to the top. You’ll be doing your mental health and karma a solid.

2. “How do we create the best world we can? By allowing these triggers to shine a light in dark places and see what needs attending.”

Podcast: Personality Hacker
Episode # 114 -“Coping with Emotional Triggers”

The Personality Hacker podcast has upheld their position as my favorite show for the last year and a half.

I took the Genius Personality Test (MBTI) on their website. After learning I was an ENFJ, I noticed they had podcasts themed around my type. Been hooked on em since.

Episode #114 on emotional triggers was a game changer. For years, I struggled with just labeling what happened during my sudden snaps and out-of-the-blue mood swings.

Learning the word “trigger” alone lifted the fog. I worked to create awareness around my triggers and let them be an internal guide. It has a lot of unresolved issues to show me and wounds that never fully healed. It’s a painful journey. But the release and clarity are worth it. And my mood isn’t swinging so much anymore.

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to identify your triggers — because sometimes, it’s not your PMS, babe. Put in the work. It’s a giant leap toward creating the best world you can.

Side note: If you haven’t yet delved into the world of personality profiling, this podcast is your starting line.

your starting line to personality profiling

3. “We always have a choice about how to respond to the events that ‘ruin’ our lives.”

Podcast: Life is a Marathon
Episode #278-“Magic, Ruined, Redeemed”

A story about a well-known musician with an unfortunate situation. It just so happens that it goes down during a critical part of a live performance.

The gold is how he chose to handle that very moment. With hundreds of eyes on him in this small night club, his reaction held the power to scar his performance and possibly shatter his career.

With hundreds of eyes on him in this small night club, his reaction held the power to scar his performance and possibly shatter his career.
The bottom line: he owned it.

When life tests your patience and your ability to keep it together, rock those pivotal moments. Don’t let them rock you.

4. “If we’re being treated like crap for a long period of time, it’s usually because we feel we deserve it.”

Podcast: Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose
Episode #17 -“Self-Work”

Insight Timer is a free app that offers users a variety of meditations and podcasts to supplement personal development. Genius one-stop shop. I was hooked on Life, Lessons and Laughter after listening to “Self-Work.”

Backstory: Stress from my job ate away at every aspect of my life and health. I wanted to quit a million times but I always scared myself back to the confines of my desk. One random August night in 2016, I had an inexplicable surge of courage I’d never felt before. I decided to roll with it and walked out after the worst 3 1/2 years of my life. Without notice. Very uncharacteristic of me.

That courage remained a mystery until Glenn’s words helped me connect the dots…

I started concentrating on my personal development a few months prior to quitting. I focused on cultivating more love for myself and became more cognizant of negative environments. I know the real reason I quit was because I started loving myself more. I actually felt like I deserved better. My self-love loved me back in the form of courage.

The decision to leave behind what’s holding you back is rarely comfortable. In fact, they’re typically the hardest choices to make. But as soon as you start loving yourself enough to believe you deserve better, those tough decisions get easier to make.

5. “Observing our thoughts in meditation helps us recognize each thought’s source and feeling within ourselves.”

Podcast: The Lively Show
Episode #136- “My 5 favorite Guided Meditation Apps”

Jess Lively is responsible for spreading inspiration like it was an epidemic outbreak.
I’m so grateful I caught it. She fearlessly broadcasts her personal story to her tribe and discusses her struggles with health,  heartbreak and unpredictable adventures in traveling abroad.

What I dig about Jess is her approach to spirituality. Her podcast is centered around using flow and values-based intentions to live a happier life.

I can give Jess’s list of recommended guided meditation credit for turning me on to meditation.
I graciously give credit to meditation for my clarity and overall sanity.

If you haven’t caught the meditation bug yet, it’s time.  But make sure you catch the Lively Show bug too


It’s kinda funny…
The things we form unwavering judgments about often make the biggest impacts when we finally let them in.

Oh yeah…
And the rearview mirror is the best place to repeat self-affirmations.
Just make sure you’ve got it in park.

I’ve wrapped up hours of podcast listening time into one nifty little package of impactful quotes.

If you possess a priceless piece of podcast quotage, don’t be a knowledge bogart. Do tell!


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